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Capital Advisory

Whether you need to raise equity capital, refinance existing funding lines or restructure your real estate debt we can help you create and implement a clear and achievable plan and strategy. 


Where possible, we start from a business plan so that our advice is grounded, relevant and achievable in the wider context of your overall business strategy.  On many occasions we’ve played a key role when a client’s business has been operating at full capacity and the resources to plan, structure and implement financial solutions are simply not available. 


We’ll review your current capital position. If you have existing finance in place, we’ll evaluate it and advise on making it more efficient, ultimately impacting, favourably, the bottom line.


We often look off-the-radar for more attractive and lesser-known funding options.  It might be harder to find the right deal but typically these lenders can be more creative in their outlook.


We’re particularly experienced in refinancing debt and in sourcing joint venture partners to make your capital stretch further.


If you need it, we’ll recommend capital raising strategies, both debt and equity, negotiate them on your behalf and assist you in executing the deal to a successful close.


And we’re targeted in our approach.  We don’t believe the optimum capital solution can always be found through a market-wide process that can risk tainting a deal. Instead we carefully research and select providers that we believe will be the right fit for our clients and the assets before approaching a small number of, sometimes relatively unknown, lenders or equity investors with a proposition.

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